White teeth are a reflection of flawless dental hygiene

White Teeth Are A Reflection Of Flawless Dental Hygiene

A day drinking too much coffee or smoking more than a pack of cigarettes can follow with yellowed teeth and make your face look duller when you smile. We’ve found pearls to fix that. Affordable and effective solutions.

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Let’s put the ideas on dental whiteners in order

White teeth and well aligned are a charming asset! It attracts, shows that we take care of ourselves and prolongs the youth of our smile. With white teeth, it will impact everyone we meet. 

  • The teeth whitening done at the dentist is unfortunately very expensive and recommended for very damaged teeth. Professionals use a dental laser or lamp therapy; that is why the price is quite high.
  • That’s why there are now various products to use at home. This goes through bleaching pens, powders or whitening kits. They are found both online and in supermarkets for some brands like Colgate Visible White or Crest 3D White.
  • To compete with the prices applied by dentists, we now find, in large cities, specialized institutes or salons.
  • Finally, we can otherwise opt for the natural ingredients that we use in our current consumption. These ingredients allow us to get stain-free and whiter teeth. Just brush your teeth with lemon, baking soda or  charcoal, for example.

This article is here to help you sort through the multitude of offers that are found.

The teeth whitening , how it works?

First of all, there are 2 families in terms of dental lightening. Whether using lambda toothpastes or professional methods you will find on the walk only 2 ways to proceed.

            Deep and surface whitening:

These techniques work on the natural color of your teeth and can save you up to 8 shades. This is possible to realize at a professional but also at home, the only thing that will change will be the price you will have to pay. There is even a price gap. Most treatments use carbamide or hydrogen peroxide but the sophistication of use of these products varies depending on the care you choose. The real difference will be when you combine these ingredients with a whitening light. This is possible at home and will cost you much less than if you use a laser beam lamp treatment at the dentist. The efficiency of this process is due to the fact that the laser beam raises the temperature of the teeth by about 8 degrees C and helps the active agent penetrate your teeth for a better result. However, if you suffer from tooth sensitivity, this process is unfortunately not for you.

Another technique is to first take the impression of your teeth with a mold in which a paste has been arranged. Then, this impression will be sent to the dentist who will make a gutter specially designed to perfectly marry your teeth. You will need to wear your gutter every day for about 2 weeks for 20 minutes a day. The use of whitening strips is a technique that remains effective but less recommended for people suffering from sensitivity of the gums because it can, in rare cases, aggravate them.

            Surface whitening of teeth

There are special kinds of toothpaste in the market to whiten teeth. But in reality, they simply remove the superficial stains that you find on your teeth. The effect of these toothpaste does not last because only the superficial layer of teeth is treated. The polishing agent will act and allow your teeth to be smoother. It acts like when you use the salt hand on the surface of your teeth. However, kinds of toothpaste have a major advantage! Their price is unbeatable. It is preferable to inform you that each person will have a technique that will suit him better, one person will know very positive results with the simple use of toothpaste while for another it will require a complete treatment of the dentist.


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