A tooth extraction may be needed if you’re experiencing severe pain and the tooth has become decayed beyond repair. Extraction may also be recommended to prevent future dental problems, as you’d find with wisdom tooth extractions. Occasionally patients will need to have a dental extraction for overcrowding in the mouth. We here at Destination Dental Care can help in the diagnostics of your dental health as well as the extraction process itself.

What is an Extraction?

An extraction is a type of dental surgery that involves removing a tooth completely from the mouth. Despite the procedure being considered a surgery, it is done quickly and comfortably in the office at your own convenience. During the extraction procedure you should not feel pain, however you may feel an immense amount of pressure due to the doctor having to rock the tooth out of the socket.

Why would it be recommended?

There are several reasons why an extraction might be recommended to you. Obviously, a thorough examination and x-ray will be taken to help determine if an extraction is necessary. Some of the most common reasons for extractions include:

  • The tooth has decayed beyond the point of being saved
  • The tooth is severely infected
  • The tooth may become a problem in the future (wisdom teeth)
  • The tooth is causing problems with overcrowding and malocclusion
  • The tooth is severely loose and about to fall out

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