Fixed Dental Bridges

Fixed Dental Bridges

A fixed dental bridge can help to restore your smile to its original fullness and beauty. Bridges offer durability and resiliency, often lasting for years before they need to be replaced. It’s not uncommon for a patient to have a bridge that has lasted several decades and is still in great shape.

What is a Fixed Dental Bridge?

A fixed dental bridge is similar to a crown, except that it has more than one tooth attached to the appliance. Often there are two abutments that get attached to the surrounding teeth and a pontic, or fake tooth, in the middle that will fill in the gap where a tooth is missing. To place a bridge, the surrounding teeth need to be filed down to make room for the appliance. Once the neighboring teeth are filed down, the bridge is securely placed on the teeth and cemented into place.

Why you might want or need a Dental Bridge

There are a few reasons for why you might want or need a dental bridge in comparison to other procedures and these include:

  • You are missing teeth next to each other and want to fill in the gap
  • You don’t want an implant placed, or you’re not a good candidate for the implant procedure
  • You want a sturdy and durable option that will last you for years

If you need a dental bridge, or would like to inquire further about this procedure, contact us today!

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