Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays are crucial in detecting problems with decay and infection that may go unnoticed with a routine examination. There are a wide range of different x-rays that can be taken to help with the diagnostic process, and we here at Destination Dental Care want to ensure that you get the best care possible thanks to the latest technology being used.

Why are Dental X-rays important?

Dental x-rays help to detect problems with decay, infection and other dental-related issues that might go unnoticed with a typical examination. X-rays are done easily and are relatively noninvasive, so you will find them to be a comfortable option each time you come into the office. It is important that you have dental x-rays done regularly and you can expect to have them taken each time you come into the office.

Types of Dental X-rays

There are several different types of dental x-rays and each of them is crucial in the diagnostics of oral problems. The procedure is quick and painless, however, for more extensive x-rays needed, it might take a little longer than usual. Some of these types of x-rays and devices used include:

  • Intra-oral x-rays for easy detection of dental problems
  • Intra-oral cameras to see every surface of the teeth
  • Carivu machine which helps with cavity detection and treatment
  • Panoramic x-rays to help with overall diagnostic study
  • Bitewing x-rays help to show the upper and lower teeth, and are used to detect decay between the teeth
  • Periapical x-rays show the whole tooth from the crown to the root in the jaw

If you need dental x-rays done, contact us today and one of our helpful staff members will be happy to assist you!

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